Killjoy :| (kimouski) wrote in chucknorisisgod,
Killjoy :|

Should you grow a beard?

Just joined to indulge my fascination of all things Chuck.

Have any of you taken this test lately?

It's not too hard to avoid the dread "roundhouse kick to the face" but the test is worth it solely for Question #15, or How Chuck Escaped Certain Death in Lone Wolf McQuade. And everyone knows that JJ McQuade is the original Texas Ranger. Walker's got nothing on McQuade, or his supercharged Dodge.
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This was awesome. Chuck's my Valentine. For my chocolates, he roundhouse kicked a cow and a cocoa bean tree, plus a Laura Ashley store for the box. Which is almost as awesome as the test. I got 100% roundhouse kicked to the face!
Everyone on this board should get 100%. There is that eminent death threat to think about.

I personally think Elvis disappeared to make room for the new King. All hail Chuck Norris!
it's really hard to say that one Chuck Norris character is better than the other, so lets just let them roundhouse each other for awhile and see who gets tired that's a toughy!
As Col. James Braddock, Chuck was Missing in Action not once, not twice, but THREE times! In the Eighties, Braddock was up there with the likes of John Rambo, Paul Kersey (think: Death Wish) and Dirty Harry! Okay, maybe not Dirty Harry. But surely he could withstand a good number of roundhouses.
this is true...perhaps they shuold just compare beards for awhile